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The top fifteen sci-fi fantasy songs featuring David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Kate BushMadonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Styx, Take ThatBjörk, Zager & Evans, The Killers, Peter Schilling, Billy Thorpe, Scott WeilandVisage, and Daft Punk:


 Daft Punk

Romanthony‘s lyrics aren’t explicitly sci-fi or fantasy for this particular song — “…celebrate and dance so free…” — yet Daft Punk‘s promotional music video was only one of fourteen tracks from the full-length anime feature Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem that was produced in collaboration with Leiji Matsumoto as a visual realization of the entire Discovery album.  The duo became robots prior to One More Time‘s release and stated that their collection of songs reflected childhood memories, including their love of science-fiction cinema and Japanese anime.



Kate Bush

The Story Behind Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting Video Alex Denney DAZED [ARTICLE]

Kate Bush‘s lyrics:

I still dream of Orgonon
I wake up crying
You’re making rain
And you’re just in reach
When you and sleep escape me
Like my yo-yo that glows in the dark…




Björk wrote the lyrics for Bedtime Story:

Travelling, travelling, I’m travelling
Travelling, travelling, leaving logic and reason
Travelling, travelling, I’m gonna relax
Travelling, travelling, in the arms of unconsciousness…
Let’s get unconscious honey…




Björk‘s lyrics, inspired by Springtime love and Norse mythology’s Ragnarök:

You have to trust it…
Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at…

“Love isn’t just about two persons.  It’s everywhere around you.”
Björk Encyclopedia of Icelandic Music



Scott Weiland

Weiland‘s lyric (cited inspirations: Barbarella & David Bowie):

You play the game
I’ll masturbate and sing a lullaby
You run the race, I’ll pay the miles
You sing the pink love fuzz
And dance the musty queer
I’ll stay at home cause I’m the mouse

So high that I can’t fly
More deep than space number 9
Can’t tell time by telling time
She’s so ready, I’m so heavy
It’s so heavy on me
Can’t hold time by holding time

Come and save me from my misery
Can’t you see it’s a disease?
Shoot the bad guys
And I’ll gladly sing a tune for you
Lost in space, we could be free

“Let go the God,” they say
I do believe but not in yours or yours
I just believe it’s all the same
Don’t know just who I am
Don’t know about the lamb
I’m the meat of the feast



Peter Gabriel

Director Brian Grant‘s utter brilliance concerning anthropological social sci-fi fantasy, in this case man’s base instincts getting the better of him despite cultural civilization, depicted Peter Gabriel‘s primeval lyrics about jealousy precisely in short film:

Fox the fox
Rattle the rat
You can ape the ape
I knew about that
There is one thing you must be sure of
I can’t take any more
Darling, don’t you monkey with the monkey
Monkey, monkey, monkey
Don’t you know you’re going to shock the monkey




“Kidz is a rabble-rousing glam-disco-pop stomper with ambiguously apocalyptic lyrics and – not inappropriately – one hell of a chorus.”
Nick Levine Digital Spy

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, and Robbie Williams‘ lyrics:

Kings and queens and presidents
Ministers of governments
Welcome to the future of your world

Through talking heads that took liberties
The monkeys learnt to build machines
They think they’ll get to heaven through the universe



The Killers

Brandon Flower‘s lyrics:

It started with a low light
Next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed
And then they took my blood type
It left a strange impression in my head
You know that I was hoping
That I could leave this star-crossed world behind…



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga‘s lyrics:

This is the manifesto of Mother Monster —

On GOAT, a government owned alien territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place – but the birth was not finite, it was infinite. As the wombs numbered and the mitosis of the future began, it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal, it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race, a race within the race of humanity, a race which bears no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom. But on that same day, as the eternal Mother hovered in the multi-verse, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of Evil.

And as she herself split into two, rotating in agony between two ultimate forces. The pendulum of choice began it’s dance. It seems easy, you imagine, to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good, but she wondered, “How can I protect something so perfect without evil?”

“[Born This Way] is visually and thematically and lyrically about birthing a new race, birthing a race within the race of already existing cultures of humanity–that bears no prejudice and no judgment.” Lady Gaga Billboard

Creatures-Of-The-Street-cover (2)
Was Jobriath‘s Creatures of the Street album cover an inspiration for the Gaga team?



Katy Perry

As far as Katy Perry‘s portion of the lyrics:

You’re not like the others, futuristic lovers…
Different DNA, they don’t understand you…
You’re from a whole other world…
A different dimension…
Boy, you’re an alien, your touch so foreign…
It’s supernatural, extraterrestrial.



Peter Schilling

Schilling‘s story-song ode to David Bowie‘s Space Oddity:

Standing there alone, the ship is waiting
All systems are go, are you sure?
Control is not convinced
But the computer has the evidence
No need to abort

The countdown starts

Watching in a trance, the crew is certain
Nothing left to chance, all is working
Trying to relax, up in the capsule
“Send me up a drink,” jokes Major Tom
The count goes on

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating, weightless
Calling, calling, home

Second stage is cut, we’re now in orbit
Stabilizers up, running perfect
Starting to collect, requested data
What will it effect, when all is done
Thinks Major Tom

Back at ground control, there is a problem
Go to rockets full, not responding
Hello Major Tom, are you receiving
Turn the thrusters on, we’re standing by
There’s no reply

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating, weightless
Calling, calling, home

Across the stratosphere
A final message, “Give my wife my love”
Then nothing more

Far beneath the ship, the world is mourning
They don’t realize, he’s alive
No one understands but Major Tom sees
Now the light commands, this is my home
I’m coming home

Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating, weightless
Coming home


“Holy Cosmos!” Robin Batman


David Bowie

“Major Tom has a whole other life — a lawn to mow, pictures framed on his mantel, maybe children — that is implied in a single couplet. This is sheer soap-opera drama meant to raise the stakes of the mission, and Bowie, an actor himself, knew its appeal.”
‘Space Oddity’ and the Power of Story Song
Songwriting Professor Mike Errico Observer

David Bowie‘s 1969 Ivor Novello award winning lyrics:

Now it’s time to leave the capsule, if you dare
This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
Here am I floating ’round a tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do…
Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles
I’m feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows
Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?




“My brain IBM”

Dennis DeYoung‘s multi-lingual lyric:

(dōmo arigatō misutā Robōto)
(mata au hi made)
(dōmo arigatō misutā Robōto)
(himitsu wo shiritai)

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
Until the day we meet again
Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
I want to know your secret

You’re wondering who I am (…secret, secret, I’ve got a secret…)
Machine or mannequin (…secret, secret, I’ve got a secret…)
With parts made in Japan (…secret, secret, I’ve got a secret…)
I am the modern man

I’ve got a secret I’ve been hiding under my skin
My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.
So if you see me acting strangely — don’t be surprised
I’m just a man who needed someone and somewhere to hide

To keep me alive
Just keep me alive
Somewhere to hide
To keep me alive

I’m not a robot without emotions — I’m not what you see
I’ve come to help you with your problems — so we can be free
I’m not a hero, I’m not the saviour, forget what you know
I’m just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control

Beyond my control
We all need control
I need control
We all need control

I am the modern man (…secret, secret, I’ve got a secret…)
Who hides behind a mask (…secret, secret, I’ve got a secret…)
So no one else can see (…secret, secret, I’ve got a secret…)
My true identity



Billy Thorpe


 Billy Thorpe has the ultimate Sci-Fi Fantasy story-song lyrics:

People of the Earth can you hear me?
Came a voice from the sky on that magical night
And in the colors of a thousand sunsets
They traveled to our world on a silvery light

The people of the Earth stood waiting
Watching as the ships came one by one
Setting fire to the sky as they landed
Carrying to the world Children Of The Sun

All at once came a sound from the inside
Then a beam made of light hit the ground
Everyone felt the sound of their heartbeat
Every man – every woman – every child

They passed the limits of imagination
Through the door – to a world – of another time
And on the journey of a thousand lifetimes
With the Children Of The Sun – they started their climb

No more gravity, nothing holding them down
Floating endlessly, as their ship leaves the ground
through the walls of time – at the speed of light
Flys the crystal ships on their celestial flight
On their celestial flight



Zager & Evans

Visage – Steve Strange

Originally titled In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus), Rick Evans‘ lyrics give a comprehensive account of what to expect come 506 years from now (Strange alters the lyrics just slightly for the Visage version).  A Billboard number one popular song in the U.S.A. for Zager & Evans in 1969 some six weeks (three weeks U.K.), it wins the Best of All Time Sci-Fi Fantasy lyric of the century:

In the year 2525, if man is still alive
If woman can survive, they may find…
In the year 3535
Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today
In the year 4545
You ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes
You won’t find a thing to chew
Nobody’s gonna look at you
In the year 5555
Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides
Your legs got nothin’ to do
Some machine’s doin’ that for you
In the year 6565
Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife
You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
From the bottom of a long glass tube

In the year 7510
If God’s a coming, He oughta make it by then
Maybe He’ll look around Himself and say
Guess it’s time for the judgment day
In the year 8510
God is gonna shake His mighty head
He’ll either say I’m pleased where man has been
Or tear it down, and start again

In the year 9595
I’m kinda wonderin’ if man is gonna be alive
He’s taken everything this old earth can give
And he ain’t put back nothing

Now it’s been ten thousand years
Man has cried a billion tears
For what, he never knew, now man’s reign is through
But through eternal night, the twinkling of starlight
So very far away, maybe it’s only yesterday




PINNACLE: Sci-Fi Fantasy Favorites
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