As Warm as Snow

A snow squall is coming,
Read the alert,
And so he ran for the window,
Threw it open,
Lusting for more than
Everyday winds of change.

He rushed outside,
Stood open armed,
Hoping to be blinded
From this loveless life,
Praying something
Would finally go right.

For once a wish came,
A magic white out,
And soon he could see
Only moon shadows
From the formless phantoms
Of all the sheeted mounds.

Everything being smothered,
He could finally breathe,
And he drew in deeply,
Jumping like a spring,
Pounding down the snow,
Kicking it up like confetti.

As assembled history dissembled,
He walked into faraway thoughts
About setting an all-new world stage 
With scenes built around him,
And snow people he could topple,
A place he could create and destroy on impulse.

Where are you,
Read the text
Vibrating in his frozen hand,
Strobing its light beneath the drift,
Emitting a spirited minuet,
Which he danced to with a bewitching wind.



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