Whom shall we meet,
Sir, Ma’am, Mrs., Ms. or Mr.,
And how should we greet—
With a LMNOPQ tongue-twister?

What will be the season,
One of four, Rainy, Open, In or Out of, 
And how would we reason—
With rubber or boxer or baseballer glove?

Where can we sit,
Tandem, in the shade or on the fence,
And how could I fit—
Within a chatter box of eerie silence?

When may we kiss,
High tide, after the laughter or for dessert,
And how must I miss—
Without a chance at hiding the hurt?

Why do we love,
Loneliness, happiness, pleasure or pain,
And how did I shove—
With all the forgetting force of a slow drain?





They’re Not Playing Our Song
Missing the You I Knew


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