Beautiful Being

A lonely one trying to smoke
A cigarette with a gloved hand.
Shivering, managing a grasp,
Not knowing when to end the exhale.
Delicately drawing, a beautiful being.
Fragile, yet enduring,
Eccentric endeared.

Again in the cold,
At another bus stop.
Just a resting place,
Redirecting the wind,
The beautiful being.
Are the arms that wrap
You at night your own?
So thin for holding misery in.

In the driver’s seat Sunday,
My beautiful being found.
Grown fat, arms thicker,
Longer, scarred and bereft.
Waiting in the bittersweet light.
I’m so glad you got off
That unbecoming bus
And breathe by nature’s gift.

What did they do to you?
You smile forth looking
Back and into those arms
With these arms and
Drive so carelessly,
And forgiving.
You, beautiful being,
Passing bravely by cage and rage.




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