Crazy Sexy

With an atomic crack of the whip
You rip right into view
And strike your devastation

A fox faceĀ 
A body stunning
Automatic adoration

Noir nasty
Stalking prey
Shock-lock penetration

All the Dorian Gray eyes
Are turning black
Taking you in
Like sin

Hit me hard…
Switch me up…
Bolt me tight…
Smoke me solid…
Fuse me to you…

Lovely dirty in your daze
Toxic beauty in your gaze
Crazy sexy
Electric slick
Love on impact

Cosmic dust in your hair
Virgin whore in your scent
Crazy sexy
Violent lust
Love on top

Hit me hard…into you
Switch me up…into you
Bolt me tight…into you
Smoke me solid…into you
Fuse me to you



IMAGE: Light Painting by Maria Saggese

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