Empty Rings

When you said what you said,
I mumbled I told you so.
You rambled on, over my
But you didn’t believe me’s,
And I felt it was time to…

Time to
Exit the roundabout,
And leave you to your inability—
Stuck in your no man’s land—
Do I really want out?
Or am I just feeling invisible?

You sat in that stiff, pretentious armchair,
I sank in the busy of your latest delusion,
Wanting to reverse the stifling spell,
Wish you back to just-a-friend, set us free,
Go back to being only me.

Time, time, time…
It’s time to break this ring,
The one passed between,
The one only I wore,
The one you danced around.

After Mother Nature’s winds of change,
Dividing the flame,
Separating the smoke,
You asked again to be the one—
This time to destroy it.

I got myself into this…
I’ll cut that side of my heart out,
Smashing the fragile ring.
See the pieces fly at our feet,
In the few steps to you, to me,
The miles you thought existed,
Now, there they lay,
Yet we walk away
Still as one spirit.

Time, time, time…
Time to start all over again,
Replaying the past,
Pretending it isn’t a truer love,
You running in place,
Me kissing the whole of your face,
Filling the space with kindness,
Never wanting to widen the hole in our heart,
Lifetimes running empty rings soul to soul.



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