Don’t doubt you…

Every time is so painful
Then abruptly
It’s hard to conceive
Now or later you are a douchebag
For what that’s worth
You’re only to blame

You are dutiful
What the hey
Dignity doesn’t cause a frown
You are dutiful
Committed to every day
No responsibility won’t make you recoil
Oh yes
Whoa woe won’t trip you up

With all the other users
You’re accountable
Duty on the inside yeah
Loser on the outside
A puzzle’s hit the ground
Leave it for the maid
Isn’t that her job

You are dutiful
Loyal to a fault
Disrespect will make you smile
Oh yes
You are dutiful
Making us sick all the way
Oh boy
Bring me the barf bag right away

Before I upchuck (a little in my mouth already)


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